Our work environment must be characterised by respect and inclusion. Everyone working here must always be able to be themselves – different people must have equal opportunities.

Man and woman chatting. Both wearing high-vis clothing. Photo.

Diversity is a resource

For us, diversity is all about fairness and good values. We do our best to implement an equal and inclusive culture where equal opportunities are available to everyone. Everyone who works at Veidekke must feel safe, be assessed on the basis of their skills and have the same rights, opportunities and obligations as everyone else.

When we all have different skills and approaches, we believe that better end results are achieved and our employees have opportunities for growth and development . Involvement and inclusion are helping us to exploit our differences in order to add value.

This is how diversity and inclusion work at Veidekke:

  • We assess people on the basis of their skills, and everyone has equal rights, opportunities and obligations.
  • Our management and employee processes are designed to attract, recruit, develop and maintain diversity within our organisation.
  • We seek differing perspectives and use the combined skills of all our teams.
  • We challenge the established mentality – in our own organisation, and in the industry.
  • We work to combat unconscious discrimination in language and action through reflection and by raising awareness, and we maintain a zero tolerance approach towards abusive behaviour.
  • We map and follow up salary and working conditions to ensure that everyone is treated equally.
  • We gauge and monitor staff development and employees’ experiences in the work environment.
  • Our managers are responsible for ensuring that the physical and mental work environment is sustainable, and for following up efforts to underpin diversity and gender equality.
  • Each and every employee is responsible for helping to bring about a healthy, inclusive work environment.

How we go about creating equal opportunities

Even gender distribution is a fundamental prerequisite if we are to benefit from our collective intelligence. It makes both smarter teams and more innovative solutions possible. That is why we have defined a few goals. 

By 2025:

  • 50% of all students working in summer jobs must be female
  • 40% of all graduates must be female
  • 20% of all operational managers must be female
  • all management teams above project level must have at least one female member