It must be safe to work at and for Veidekke. Safe work is also a prerequisite for winning contracts and delivering projects on time.

It must be safe to work at and for Veidekke.

How we work with HSE

Veidekke’s HSE work is based on organisation and people: We plan our work so that it can be carried out safely and efficiently, using the right equipment and at the right time. All our projects have their own HSE manager who helps to ensure that this is in place.

For us, it is about attitudes, competence and culture. In order to ensure safety in the workplace, those who work there must have the right skills, good attitudes and care for each other.

HSE and economics are equally important

At Veidekke, HSE goals and financial goals carry equal weight. Our HSE principles are defined in our HSE policy and in safety plans derived from our HSE strategy, and our projects report back on their HSE results on a regular basis. Subcontractors are obliged to work in accordance with the same principles, plans and requirements that apply to Veidekke’s own employees.

These requirements form part of the contract that the supplier signs with Veidekke, and anyone working on one of the Group’s projects is given information and training on Veidekke’s requirements and expectations before work commences.