Careers and development

Veidekke is a major corporation operating all over Scandinavia. It provides you with enormous opportunities to develop your career.

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How will you develop? We are a major corporation with lots of professional roles and business areas. Our aim is to be able to help you take the next step in your career with us and facilitate in-house mobility.

We offer you this

Personal development

We offer opportunities for personal development throughout your career with Veidekke. We use staff appraisals and working with goals so that you and your manager can agree on what aspects you need to develop. This includes learning and development through elements such as

  • Work experience
  • Trying out new ways of working
  • Participation in role-adapted development pathways
  • Field-specific training
  • Mentoring or other close monitoring at set periods
In-house training

We want to give you every chance of developing. We believe the best on-the-job learning comes about when we get to

  • solve problems actively
  • interact with others
  • and when new skills are practised in your own specific work context.

This is why we offer role-adapted development pathways which ensure you are always up to date with what is expected of your role on a professional level. You are involved in these developments together with others who work in the same role as you. That way you can learn together and improve even more, by exchanging experiences with colleagues who face the same issues that you do on a daily basis.

You will receive training and practice in Veidekke’s way of implementing projects, ranging from our general project model to field-specific training in a number of areas such as:

  • Uncertainty management
  • Financial monitoring
  • Goal setting and follow-up of the company’s strategy
  • Production and technology
  • Occupational health and safety (HSE)
  • Law and understanding contracts
  • Ethics and regulatory compliance
  • Energy and the environment
  • Quality
  • Communication and management
Management training

A good manager can encourage his/her staff to develop and thrive. This is why we invest heavily in our managers.

If you end up being promoted to a senior position, you will be offered management development tailored to your level. You will also attend management meetings, where you will help out with strategy initiatives, define objectives for your unit and gain further management skills.

Graduate programme

Are you a graduate student? If so, we have our very own graduate programme to offer you.

Your working day will involve projects, civil engineering or operating contracts. This is a one-year programme with technical variation.

Emphasis is also placed on exchange of experience, networking and self-management, and you will attend get-togethers, webinars and courses with other graduates.

Find out more about our graduate programme