Graduate programme

Are you a recent graduate and have a desire to develop your skills in a strong technical environment? Veidekke allows you to participate in our graduate programme to get your working life and career off to the best start.

Happy Veidekke employees. Photo.

Who are we looking for?

We’re looking for newly qualified civil engineers, construction engineers, university engineers or people with other technical education at university or college level.

You’re a team player and have a desire to be part of strong professional environments. You want to develop yourself and your skills through your involvement with our projects, Civil Engineering or contracts.

You’re inquisitive and fascinated by new technology, and how it can be used in new and profitable ways. You know the value of sharing knowledge and ideas with others, and you enjoy extensive variation in respect of fields and complexity.

We specialise in turnkey delivery to customers. Involvement, cooperation, leadership and quality are all key to our work.

As a graduate, what can you expect?

Your working day as a graduate will involve projects, civil engineering or operating contracts. We’ll give you

  • plenty of technical variation, with tasks in fields such as operational follow-up, production scheduling, HSE and quality assurance
  • responsibilities in fields such as contracts, design management or tendering
  • the opportunity to take part in Fundament, our graduate programme
  • the opportunity to attend gatherings, webinars and courses with other graduates We place emphasis on exchange of experience, networking and self-management.

When can you apply for our graduate programme?

You can apply to our graduate programme every autumn-winter. Our admissions procedure is continuous, so you should apply early. If we take you on, you’ll start in the autumn of the following year. This programme gives you new entrants to the workplace a professionally varied and dependable start to their careers.

What do we have to offer you?

When you join us as a recent graduate, this is what you’ll get:

  • competitive conditions and good pension and insurance schemes
  • a mentor that you can bounce ideas off
  • shares in Veidekke via our share programme for employees
  • company cabins throughout much of Norway
  • a wide range of corporate sports and organised trips
  • a job that looks to the future in an industry that’s undergoing major development · good colleagues spurring one another on
  • the opportunity to work at a company that does its best to promote your development and the development of the people around you
  • great opportunities to build up a good network
  • a good time at work!

LINK: Find out more about our share programme for employees and other good reasons to work at Veidekke

Why are we focusing on graduates?

The world is changing at a tremendous pace. To create the changes needed, we need people who dare to think along new lines, no matter how big or small the challenge. As a company, we need to be challenged and our focus on graduates is needed if we’re to reach even greater heights. We need a continuous supply of vitality and inquisitiveness if we’re to be able to develop and add value.