Why work for Veidekke?

Employee co-ownership, having fun at work, occupational health service, good pension and personal insurance and a number of company cabins for use by staff. There are lots of reasons why you might want to work for Veidekke.

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Benefits for staff

We work according to applicable collective agreements and offer competitive conditions. Our employees also receive a range of benefits.

Occupational health service

As an employee, you are entitled to an occupational health service to receive help with work-oriented medical treatment, rehabilitation, and preventive health work.

We have our own ccupational health service including:

  • company doctor
  • company nurses
  • physiotherapists
  • ergonomics

In addition, we collaborate with psychologists and others in the special health service. The goal is to promote good physical and mental health, and a sustainable and healthy working life.

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All our employees are part of our bonus programme. We pay out a predefined bonus to all employees when we meet our bonus goals.


We’ve put together a range of great offers from a number of stores and companies which you can find in our benefits portal. You’ll find discounts on everything from car rental, kitchens and paint to home electronics.

Pension and personal insurance

We offer great pensions and personal insurance. These schemes provide you with cover when you’re working, during your time off and when you’re traveling.

Parental pay

We cover your salary when you’re on parental leave. Our employees receive additional compensation when on parental leave. Norway and Sweden have different schemes.

Personal skills development

You’ll be offered opportunities for personal development throughout your career at Veidekke. All employees undergo staff appraisals where their personal development can be planned and followed up. These appraisals are important tools when it comes to planning career pathways, defining training schedules and monitoring development opportunities at Veidekke.

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Company cabins

We own six cabins in Norway that we rent out to our staff and their families at reasonable prices.

Networking and social activities

As a Veidekke employee, you can take part in activities and networks in a variety of areas. For instance:

  • career network for young employees
  • women’s network
  • sports groups
  • tour groups
  • art association
  • fishing association

We build people

Some people might think that we only build offices and work with gravel and concrete. But we have a higher purpose. We want to build people. People with hearts in the right place, people who want to build qualitative, fair and inclusive societies – together with us.

Inclusive culture

When you work for us, you’ll get to be part of a community and a culture where adversity is viewed as an opportunity to learn something new, where you have the opportunity to grow and deliver results over time. Our exciting workplace is founded on involvement, innovation and responsibility.  

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This is how we work with diversity

Having fun at work

Happy staff show greater consideration and concern for their colleagues and make better decisions. That’s why having fun at work isn’t just allowed: it is actually part of our culture.

Employee co-ownership and share programme for staff

Our staff are our most vital resource. That’s why we do everything in our power to create a pleasant and interesting place to work. We believe that owning part of the company where you work makes working even more enjoyable. That’s why we offer a share programme for all Veidekke employees.

Every year, staff are offered the opportunity to buy shares in Veidekke at a discounted price. Today, our employees own around 15% of the company’s shares, making us the second biggest owner group. This is unique among major corporations in Norway.