Occupational health service

The Veidekke occupational health service works to ensure that all staff are in good physical and mental shape.

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This service is key to facilitating employee well-being and a positive environment in the workplace. Our occupational health service has been approved by the Norwegian Labour Inspection Authority.

Goals for the occupational health service

  • to ensure that all staff can enjoy many good years at work 
  • to promote health through a positive work environment 
  • to prevent staff being excluded from the workplace 

What does the occupational health service work with?

Veidekke’s occupational health service assists in areas such as work environment and occupational health as well as teaching and courses.  

Work environment
  • Assistance with mapping the work environment and carrying out risk assessments
  • Occupational hygiene measurements and advice (noise, dust, gas and vibration)
  • Consultations on work-related matters
  • Assistance in the event of conflicts and instances of bullying and harassment
  • Emergency response exercises  
Occupational health
  • Prevention of muscle/skeletal disorders caused by the work environment 
  • Targeted occupational health surveys
  • Consultations on work-related matters
  • Assistance when following up absences  
  • AKAN: Assistance when monitoring employees with substance abuse problems and who are addicted to gambling 
  • Care/debriefing in the event of accidents, serious incidents and deaths
Teaching and courses
  • First aid course
  • HSE, 40-hour course  
  • Conflict prevention and management
  • Absence prevention and follow-up
  • AKAN Ergonomics
  • Mental health
  • Stress prevention and coping strategies

Veidekke has a substance abuse and gambling policy as part of its AKAN initiative and preventive OHS work, and this is applicable to everyone in the company.