Our strategy towards 2025

Veidekke is a company built on people's curiosity, expertise and will. When we set new goals, it is always with people first. Towards 2025, we have clear economic objectives, but we know that in order to achieve those goals, we must work on what influences the result. We call it Performance with Meaning.

Bench standing in front of a brick wall. Photo.

We put people first

At Veidekke, we always put people first so that all employees in the company can make full use of their potential and come home from work safely. Involvement and trust are – and always have been – the bedrock of Veidekke's culture, ensuring that we build solid teams.

The client's project is our passion

We are passionate about the client and the projects we deliver, and will always prioritise solving projects in a way that creates added value for the client. We create that added value by aiming higher, thinking about the client and implementing the project in the agreed timeframe and budget.

We take an active role in the green shift

The construction industry accounts for 40% of the world's CO2 emissions, so we are part of the problem we need to solve. Veidekke will be climate neutral in 2045, and we are already well underway with this work. Our job is both to reduce our own emissions where we can, but also to use our competance and expertise to reduce the climate footprint of our clients and suppliers. We choose to do this because we think it will make the world a slightly better place.

These three priority areas are not unique to Veidekke, but what makes it unique is to see it in context. In the years to come, Veidekke will make wise and bold choices and set clear priorities. We see change in society as an opportunity where we can play on our innovative and involving culture and engineering expertise. Together with our clients and suppliers, we will take an active role in climate change so that we can solve important challenges and build a better tomorrow – project by project.

Performance with meaning is Veidekke's model for delivering the objectives for 2025. When we see that what we create helps to improve the world, it provides motivation and enthusiasm that cannot be measured. The people of Veidekke want to improve the world with climate-friendly solutions, and through curiosity, competence and willingness, this will be reflected in our passion for the projects and clients we work with.

At Veidekke, we build solid teams to solve our clients' problems, we choose to do the right thing when faced with dilemmas, and we aim higher – every single day. At Veidekke we cultivate performance with meaning.