Ethics and compliance

As a reputable company, Veidekke complies with the laws and norms of society, as well as industry standards and customers’ expectations.

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Together with our core values and ethical guidelines, this is the anchor point for all our assessments and processes.


All Veidekke activity is founded on respect for the human rights and fundamental principles for business activities as defined by the United Nations. Veidekke

  • operates in compliance with applicable laws,
  • maintains a zero-tolerance approach to work-related crime and
  • helps to combat violations of the law through an organised working life.

All staff at Veidekke enjoy rights, pay and conditions in line with statutory requirements, and the group also ensures that work-related crime – such as unregistered work, child labour, forced labour and social dumping – does not occur in its supply chains.

Competition rules and anti-corruption

For society and our industry to function, compliance with competition rules is fundamental. Everyone acting on behalf of Veidekke must

  • operate in accordance with competition rules and regulations and
  • help us to compete legally, ethically and in accordance with our core values of professionalism and integrity, acting in the best interests of Veidekke and our customers.

Corruption is illegal and undermines social justice and fair competition. In addition, it exposes companies to significant legal, financial and reputational risk. Veidekke has zero tolerance for all forms of corruption and trading in influence.

How we ensure compliance with laws and regulations

Everyone employed by Veidekke has a responsibility to act in an ethically appropriate manner. Our ethical guidelines contain principles and rules designed to help us make robust assessments and ethically correct choices in our day-to-day work.

Business system

A broad internal control system that includes policies approved by the Board, Group requirements and regular training will ensure that we operate in compliance with laws and regulations and help us deal with any violations.

Our business systems must help us to comply with the Group’s decisions and requirements and base our work on Veidekke’s shared culture and values. Focusing on people and ensuring their involvement are at the core of the Veidekke culture, and our core values – professionalism, honesty, enthusiasm and trailblazing – must permeate everything we do.

Internal audit

The Group conducts ISO audits and inspections at its subsidiaries and also implements a comprehensive system for dealing with nonconformities. The work is assessed and continuously improved.


Veidekke’s whistleblowing channel [link] aims to capture and follow up deviations from requirements and regulations in line with the requirements of the Work Environment Act. Veidekke employees, subcontractors’ employees and the general public can report matters via our whistleblowing channel.

Supplier follow-up

Requirements that we impose on suppliers are included in agreements and pre-qualification rounds, and our suppliers are responsible for ensuring that all links in the chain are compliant with Veidekke’s requirements. Our suppliers must be able to document how they meet our expectations, and Veidekke conducts audits to check that these requirements are being met.

Code of conduct
Code of conduct for Veidekke’s suppliers (pdf)