Reporting irregular activities

Are you aware of any irregular activities at Veidekke? Report them to us!

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How to report irregular activities

Have you encountered any deviations from requirements, regulations and ethical norms at Veidekke? If so, let us know via our whistleblowing channel so that we can find out what’s been going on and follow up the situation.

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Report irregular activities (Scandinavian languages only)

What are irregular activities?

Irregular activities are defined as violations of laws, internal rules or ethical norms. This could include:

  • conditions that put lives and health at risk, such as hazardous products, a lack of safety measures at work, or substance abuse
  • incidents that affect the work environment, such as bullying, harassment or discrimination
  • financial matters, such as embezzlement, corruption, theft, fraud, breach of competition laws and other misappropriation of funds at the company

Who can report irregular activities?

You can use our whistleblowing channel regardless of your relationship with Veidekke. Whether you work at Veidekke yourself or are employed by a subcontractor, supplier, partner or another party.

What happens when I’ve reported the matter?

All reports are treated with the strictest confidentiality. You can submit notifications anonymously, but do bear in mind that following up on anonymous reports may be difficult.

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