HSE and safety courses

Everyone who will work at Veidekke's construction sites must complete the mandatory HSE course "Hazard blind".

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The course is a joint industry course under the auspices of the Cooperation for Safety in the Building and Construction Industry (SfsBA).

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This is what the safety course contains

The safety training consists of module 1, module 2 and in special cases also module 3.

Module 1

In module 1, you will complete the safety course "Hazard Blind". The course is a common course for the entire construction industry. Once you have completed the course, it will be automatically registered in HSEREG.

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Module 2

All Veidekke's workplaces have their own requirements for safety training. Everyone who will work there must do this before work starts.

At Veidekke's construction sites, this is called safety training module 2. It is in addition to the course Hazard Blind in module 1.

Module 2 is implemented in most cases as e-learning. Information and training in module 2 will be carried out locally at the project in question.

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Module 3

At Veidekke, we also require special courses related to risky work operations. For example, everyone who will have a role in performing lifting operations must take a competence test for lifting operations.

See Veidekke's requirements for safe equipment

Practical implementation and documentation

Our suppliers and partners are responsible for ensuring that our own employees, contractors and possibly their own contractual partners can document completed safety courses before work starts. The employer is responsible for ensuring that HSEREG is updated with confirmation of training carried out.

All employees working on Veidekke's projects must be registered in HSEREG. Completed Hazard Blind is automatically registered in HSEREG.

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