Industry collaboration to improve security

The construction industry is one of the most hazardous industries in Norway. Safety is a perishable and has to be created and recreated every day.

Group of Veidekke employees wearing helmets and high-vis clothing. Photo.

Safety work as a collaborative arena

Most accidents are due to complex interlinking of direct and underlying causes. Good and safe production are two sides of the same coin and require professional skills and positive attitudes throughout all phases and stages of the construction process. Avoiding injury requires individuals to take independent responsibility, and mutual involvement is needed if everyone in the industry is to create a collective initiative. Design work, planning and construction are collaborative arenas where nobody can succeed on their own. 

Safety work must be implemented on a number of levels

  • At industry level by means of effective framework conditions, experience sharing and development of joint regulations and standards 
  • At company level by means of management, systems and procedures 
  • At individual construction sites by making safety an integral part of how we work 

Working Together for Safety in the Construction Industry (SfS BA)

Working Together for Safety in the Construction Industry (SfS BA) is a unique partnership involving stakeholders in the building and construction industry. Clients, advisors, consultants, trade unions, trade organisations, the Norwegian Labour Inspection Authority, etc. all work together under SfS BA, with a common objective: a construction industry with zero injuries.  

SfS BA work is conducted via broad groups that work on specific issues important to individual companies and the community. Examples of such issues include joint basic safety training, falls, safe lifting and safe element installation. SfS BA arranges the annual OHS conference, which brings together almost 500 delegates from across the industry. 

Veidekke was active in the establishment of SfS BA and plays an active part in a number of working groups.  

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