Crew registration in HMSREG

Veidekke is working actively to bring about a serious industry with competition on equal terms, and so defines requirements for the use of HMSREG in all new projects. With HMSREG, the objective is to make it easier to be serious.

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Målsetningen er at det skal bli enklere å være seriøs. 

HMSREG makes things easier

HMSREG is an electronic tool for crew registration. The system helps to
facilitate crew registration and provides a more effective overview of who is
involved in the project at all times. The system is free of charge
to suppliers/subcontractors, which permits significant
savings to be made as the information can be reused on other projects.



A number of requirements are defined in a project that are reflected in the client’s contract with Veidekke and Veidekke’s contract with the supplier/subcontractor. HMSREG helps to meet a number of these requirements by:

  • providing coordination lists for the project which are updated regularly
  • documenting the completion status of Veidekke’s mandatory safety training, Fareblind SfS BA and Module 2
  • onboarding at Veidekke – the HSE agreement
  • testing of skills for safe lifting operations
  • providing an overview of individuals’ nationalities and languages
  • real-time checking of HSE cards. The system also provides information about when cards have to be renewed, along with a summary of each card’s use
  • documenting the employer’s confirmation of skills and certificates
  • facilitating advance registration. The supplier/subcontractor completes, uploads and submits the registration along with the necessary documentation before arriving
  • reusing the registration and associated information for the next project
  • checking foreign workers’ HSE cards. The system shows whether they are registered with SFU (the Norwegian Centres for Excellence in Education)
  • documenting the status in StartBANK

Getting started

HMSREG is a service that both clients and contractors can use.

The supplier/subcontractor is invited to become a user of the system, and in turn
can invite their contracting parties to use the solution.

All the help you need to use the system can be found
by selecting “support” in the upper right-hand corner of the master menu. Support includes
articles and videos to help you with the jobs you have to do.

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