Veidekke: Awarded top grade for sustainability reporting

Veidekke was awarded the top grade, A+, in Position Green's annual ranking of the sustainability reporting of the 100 largest listed companies in Norway, Sweden and Denmark.

Veidekke achieved the top grade for the very first time, following several years in the top tier. Of the 300 companies rated, 14 Norwegian, 4 Swedish and 1 Danish company were rated A+.

This ranking is the last in a series of favourable feedback on Veidekke's sustainability and climate efforts. As recently as August, PWC's 2023 Climate Index highlighted Veidekke as one of nine companies that are cutting climate emissions in line with the Paris Agreement. The Climate Index assesses the emission reduction efforts of Norway’s 100 largest companies.

“Veidekke has set clear goals and strategies to achieve sustainability. Documenting our work and measuring the results along the way helps us to continuously improve our efforts towards reducing environmental impacts and improving social conditions and governance. The fact that ESG100 rewards our sustainability reporting with a top grade is an encouragement to keep on working and to perform even better,” says Lars Erik Lund, Executive Vice President for Strategy and Sustainability at Veidekke ASA.

This is the sixth annual review of listed companies' sustainability reporting from the consulting firm Position Green. The 2023 edition of ESG100 has placed particular emphasis on the companies’ readiness for the EU's new directive and requirements for sustainability reporting, which will come into force from the financial year 2024. ESG100 aims to give investors, companies and decision-makers insight into how prepared Scandinavian companies are for meeting the new EU requirements.

For more information, contact:
Lars Erik Lund, EVP Strategy and Sustainability, +47 4133 1369

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Veidekke is one of Scandinavia's largest contractors. In addition to undertaking all types of building and civil engineering assignments, the group also maintains roads and produces asphalt and aggregates. Veidekke emphasises stakeholder involvement and local experience. Its annual turnover is approximately NOK 39 billion, and half of its 8,000 employees own shares in the company. Veidekke is listed on the Oslo Stock Exchange, and has posted a profit every year since its inception in 1936.