Veidekke: Construction start for Cissi Klein upper secondary school in Trondheim

The implementation contract has now been signed, and in the new year construction work will start on the new Cissi Klein upper secondary school at Falkenberg in Trondheim. Trøndelag county municipality has set a number of unique and visionary targets for sustainability and flexibility, which in turn has fostered numerous new, innovative solutions for the eco-certified project (ZEB-0 ÷ EQ). 

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The new school will be built for 700 pupils and will offer educational programmes such as natural sciences, music, dance and drama, health and care, technology and industry subjects and specialisation in general studies. The building will have a full-scale multi-purpose hall, a large auditorium, a bicycle basement and outdoor areas on both the ground and roofs. The capacity may be increased to 900 pupils with minor adjustments, and the building’s floor plan and function will be easy to alter thanks to a flexible, reusable structure.

“We were very proud when we and HUS architects won the collaborative contract in 2021, because the county municipality emphasised expertise and suitability so heavily (90%). We have had a long and good collaborative phase that will ensure that this will be an excellent and sustainable project to the benefit of pupils and teachers for many years ahead. The zoning plan has finally been approved, so we’re looking forward to starting construction in the new year,” says regional director Torgeir Wiig of Veidekke Bygg Trøndelag.

In addition to ability to change, CO2 reduction is an important condition for the project. The goal is that emissions will comprise a maximum of 45% of a reference building. To achieve this, ultra-low carbon concrete will be used, including in the floor slabs. This is completely new and has been developed in partnership with Veidekke’s subsidiary Grande Entreprenør in Verdal. Another measure to reduce emissions is the reuse of materials, and 100 year-old bricks from the margarine factory at Buran will be used for the façade.  

“We have high climate ambitions for our construction projects. Through the collaboration with Veidekke who have similar ambitions, we have jointly developed a building designed for future reuse, with extensive use of existing building materials and not least an energy efficient building that produces as much energy as it consumes. The fact that Cissi Klein upper secondary school is located at one of Trondheim’s most central public transport hubs further contributes to reach the climate neutral society we are aiming for,” says Building and property manager Rune Venås with Trøndelag County Municipality.

Preparatory work was carried out at the site in the autumn, while the actual construction work starts in January. The target price contract is valued at NOK 640 million excluding VAT and was included in Veidekke’s order book for Q2 2022.

Cissi Klein (1929–1943) was a Norwegian Jewish girl who is commemorated every year in her home town of Trondheim as one of the victims of the Holocaust. More information about the school and Cissi Klein is available here.

For further information, please contact:
Regional Director Torgeir Wiig, tel. +47 95 02 07 30, torgeir.wiig@veidekke.no
Communications Manager Helge Dieset, tel. +47 90 55 33 22, helge.dieset@veidekke.no
Building and property manager Rune Venås of Trøndelag County Municipality, tel. +47 907 83 473, runve@trondelagfylke.no

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