Veidekke: Creating a business area for green growth

A newly established business area in Veidekke Infrastructure will explore, manage and lead the implementation of new business opportunities within the green shift. This initiative is led by Berit Laanke, Director of Sustainability at Veidekke Infrastructure.

Berit Laanke

“Veidekke wants to take an even clearer role in the green shift. We are already seeing many new business opportunities and we are also receiving external inquiries that we have not had a natural place for in today’s organisation. With Berit leading the way, we will now be able to sort and prioritise opportunities that will provide both increased sustainability and good profitability,” says Øivind Larsen, Executive Vice President of Veidekke Infrastructure.

The new business area has been named “Green Incubator” and was established with effect from 1 November 2022. The term incubator is used about an organisation that supports businesses that are trying to establish new commercial activity.

“We are receiving very many inquiries related to the green shift. Some fall naturally into existing business areas, while others are not taken up because of capacity or that they are perceived as distant from the core business. At the same time, we see that there are many great opportunities that we will now be able to immerse ourselves in,” says Berit Laanke.

Veidekke Green Incubator is initially organised only with Berit Laanke as manager. For specific projects, a dedicated project manager is engaged who receives support from finance, legal and other relevant disciplines at Veidekke.

For further information, please contact:
Director of Sustainability Berit Laanke, tel +47 92 80 83 12,
Executive Vice President Øivind Larsen, tel. +47 90 58 23 51,
Communications Manager Helge Dieset, +47 90 55 33 22,

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