Veidekke: Ready for Kilen Trade Park in Tønsberg

Veidekke Logistikkbygg and Kilen Syd AS (COOP, Canica and Profier) have after many years of planning and development work finally signed a contract to build the bulk shopping centre Kilen Handelspark in Tønsberg. The Contract is a design and build contract valued at almost NOK 370 million excluding VAT.

Kilen Handelspark, Tønsberg

“Profier and Veidekke started work on the trade park as far back as 2008, so in this case it has been a very long journey from start to finish. Our good partnership has been developed through several other previous projects, including Kilen Bolig that Veidekke built for Profier a few years ago. Now we’re looking forward to finally starting construction, and we greatly appreciate the contract,” says general manager Roar Kristiansen of Veidekke Logistikkbygg AS.

Kilen Handelspark will comprise approximately 20,000 m2 gross area and will comprise a total of ten different major traders. Construction will be carried out in a working partnership between Veidekke Bygg and Veidekke Logistikkbygg.

“We’re pleased to finally start building Kilen Handelspark. There have been challenging planning processes and numerous obstacles along the way. Thanks to persevering owners and a good and constructive partnership with Veidekke, we are soon ready to lay down the cornerstone. We are experiencing significant interest from major tenants and are sure this will be an attractive trade location when it opens in 2024. We also have further plans to develop homes and rehabilitate Tolvkanten,” says project manager Jon Lerstang of Profier AS.

Construction work will start before the summer and will be carried out in two years. The commission is included in Veidekke’s order backlog for the first quarter.

For more information please contact:
General manager Roar Kristiansen of Veidekke Logistikkbygg, tel +47 91 69 00 80,
Communications Manager Helge Dieset, Veidekke, tel +47 90 55 33 22,
Project manager Jon Lerstang with Profier, tel +47 98 24 92 51, 

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