Veidekke: To reconstruct the E20 past Mariestad for the Swedish Transport Administration

Veidekke has been commissioned by the Swedish Transport Administration to convert the Hindsberg–Muggebo section of E20 near Mariestad into a 2+2 road. The project is an execution contract to a value of approx. SEK 550 million and is expected to be completed in spring 2027.

E20 Hindsberg-Muggebo

Veidekke's assignment includes the construction of approx. 5.1 km four-lane motorway with a central barrier, as well as two traffic areas with bridge renovations and a traffic control point. The project also includes a pedestrian bridge, a bridge over the river Tidan, a fauna bridge and a bridge to accommodate a private road. The new road section connects to the E20 sections Götene–Mariestad to the south and Muggebo–Tjos to the north.

“This is an important and highly prioritised remodelling that will improve road safety and expand options for commuting to work and for transport in general. We look forward to starting work on this stage together with Veidekke,” says Håkan Sonesson, project manager at the Swedish Transport Administration.

“It is inspiring to be able to contribute to the E20 development in this region, and we are eager to get the project going. We look forward to cooperating closely with the Swedish Transport Administration on this important public project,” says Gustav Brandstedt, project manager at Veidekke Anläggning SydMitt.

“We are happy to boost Veidekke's presence in the region through this project. Over the years, we have completed several strong projects with the Swedish Transport Administration, and I am confident that, together, we will deliver yet another project that provides value to all parties," says Peter Svenningsson, regional manager at Veidekke Anläggning SydMitt.

The project is one of three remaining stages of the E20 development, which will improve traffic safety, contribute to regional growth and improve transport conditions on one of Sweden's most important roads. Improved road safety and accessibility for both goods and people help link the country's different regions together.

The contract is included in the Q1 2024 order book.

More about E20 past Mariestad

For more information, contact:

Marcus C Nilsson, EVP Veidekke Infrastructure Sweden, ph. +46 76 840 05 56
Jørgen Wiese Porsmyr, CFO Veidekke ASA, ph. +47 907 59 058

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