Cederhusen, Stockholm

Cederhusen in new Hagastaden will be Stockholm’s first large apartment building in solid wood. We are currently completing the first stage with 111 apartments.





2020 - 2022




6 600 kvm

Project type

Housing construction. Apartment building.


Turnkey contract in collaboration


Sunda Hus


248 MSEK


General Architecture

Unique wooden building project

Cederhusen, one of the world’s largest wooden building projects, is currently being built in Hagastaden between Solna and Norrmalm. This unique project is a collaboration between Folkhem and Veidekke.

Solid wood frame

The frame is made of solid wood with the exception of the lower levels that are built from concrete due to the ground conditions. The façade consists of cedar shingles, which give the buildings their distinctive character.


Cederhusen is Stockholm’s first large apartment building in solid wood.

Cooperative apartments

We are building 111 cooperative apartments of varying sizes in two buildings. The project comprises a total of four buildings across two blocks with four towers, ten to 13 floors in height.

We are so pleased with the great reception that the project has received on the market and that we can build the entire first block at once. It is a unique project and an important symbol for Folkhem and wood construction. I feel that Veidekke is clear with regards to its ambitions for the project and has ensured a great team on site.
Anna Ervast Öberg, Business and Project Development Manager, Folkhem


In the project, parties from the entire production chain work together to climate-optimise all activities and processes, and utilise the knowledge for the future. The project is implemented in accordance with SundaHus criteria, for the conscious choice of materials.


Cederhusen is a turnkey contract in collaboration for Folkhem. We at Veidekke have been involved all the way from design to production.

The commitment of the project organisation not only guarantees a well-executed project, but is also due to actually adding something beautiful and absolutely fantastic to Stockholm. Now and for all time it will be the first inner city block built from solid wood.
Anna Ervast Öberg, Business and Project Development Manager, Folkhem.

The project in numbers


Cooperative apartments

10 - 13


21 500 kvm

Residential area

We won the 2022 Building of the Year!

Cederhusen won Building of the Year in 2022 in the “Housing” category. Read more in the Byggindustrin magazine (Swedish content).

Årets Bygge 2022 - Byggindustrin
Cederhusen – utmanande trähusprojekt på tunneltak - Byggindustrin

High ambitions have led to an impressive final result where every material has been chosen with care. In this complex building project, residents will have a life that rests on solid ground. Congratulations to Cederhusen, winner of 2022 Building of the Year in the Housing category!
Jury’s justification, Building of the Year 2022

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