UDK 01, Drammen / Vestfoldbanen

Veidekke is building construction for Bane NOR on the Vestfold Line south of Drammen station. We are building a daylight and rock tunnel of approx. 6 km measured from the opening at Danvik to the opening at Gulliksrud in Skoger.

Tunneling. Rig and tunnel workers blow up rocks. Photo.


Bane NOR


11/2019 - 03/2023




540 metre long concrete tunnel

Project type



Design and build contract


Approx. 1,830,000

About the project

The UDK 01 rock tunnel and daylight Skoger tunnel project is part of the InterCity development in Eastern Norway, which is the largest transport project in Norwegian history. The Skoger tunnel will be an important element in the continuous double track between Drammen and Tønsberg, which will be put into service in 2024.

Our delivery includes the construction of the six kilometre long rock tunnel through Strømsåsen as well as the 300-metre daylight, which will connect the tunnel to existing tracks. With associated cross-sectional and evacuation tunnels, Veidekke will build a total of 10.8 kilometres of tunnel and perform approx. 165,000 square metres of contact casting in rock to secure the tunnel against water and frost.

Man on barracks rig in front of PC. Photo.

From the barracks rig at UDK 01.

​Solutions we want to highlight

The rock tunnel is being built as a blasted single-run double-track tunnel with blasting cross sections of approx. 123 m² and a free space area of approx. 93 m² after the tunnel is completed.

The tunnel is sealed using systematic pre-injection to ensure the water balance in the area and safeguard the external environment. The tunnel is stability-proofed with bolts, spray concrete, etc. for a dimensioned lifespan of 100 years. Water and frost protection of the tunnel is carried out with a membrane covered with a contact moulded vault construction.

The project is carried out under an NTK standard contract (e.g. special warranty requirements).

Key figures rock tunnel


Blasting of the main tunnel and cross-section

938,000 m3

Water and frost protection

Concrete vault

169,000 m2

Sealing membrane

Sealing membrane

40,000 m2


with gunite

25,000 m3

Protection arches

of gunite

9,300 m

Reinforcement layer

of crushed stone materials

39,000 m3