UDK 02, Drammen / Vestfoldbanen

Veidekke is building construction for Bane NOR on the Vestfold Line south of Drammen station. We are building a 540 metre long concrete tunnel that is built with an open building pit, and continues into an approximately 290 metre long sediment tunnel under Strømsåsen.

Two construction workers. Photo.


Bane NOR


11/2019 - 03/2023




Culvert in open building pit and sediment tunnel

Project type



Design and build contract


Approx. 1,827,000

About the project

The UDK 02 culvert and sediment tunnel project is part of the InterCity development in Eastern Norway, which is the largest transport project in Norwegian history.

Culvert in open building pit

A 320 metre long culvert will be built in an open building pit with internal bracing up to the sediment tunnel north of Konnerudgata. The excavation is carried out partly below groundwater level with excavation depths from approx. 11 metres to approx. 21 metres.

Ground conditions vary with up to 14 metres of clay over solid glaciofluvial material in the north and about 5 metres of sand over solid glaciofluvial material in the south. The glaciofluvial sediments are mainly frictional soil (sand and gravel) with a fine matter content below 10%.

Apprentice construction work. Photo.

Apprentice, Simen Andresen at UDK 02.

The sediment tunnel

In order to safeguard the local environment at Danvik, it is planned to bore a 290 metre long sediment tunnel before establishing a place to bore into rock. On the stretch of sediment tunnel, the ground will mainly consist of frictional soil.

The sediments around the tunnel itself are ground-reinforced. The purpose is to increase the strength/rigidity of the material and achieve sufficiently low permeability in the material around the tunnel to prevent water leakage and thus groundwater lowering along the tunnel. After the ground reinforcement, the tunnel can be bored using a sequential boring method (short boring distances as well as the use of split cross sections).

After boring the sediment tunnel, a waterproof membrane and a permanent lining are installed. The permanent lining is a reinforced concrete structure that covers the entire circumference of the tunnel.

Key figures


with jet piling

15,300 m3

Sheet piling

Pipe piling

14,000 m2


pipe stiffeners

4,000 m


in cubic metres

110,000 m3


in cubic metres

12,900 m3


in tons

2,500 tonnes