Power and energy

Veidekke delivers large and small facilities in the power and energy sector. Here you get an overview of our expertise in hydropower, wind power, oil, gas and other industrial facilities.

Three wind turbines. Photo.


We carry out all types of projects within hydropower. It involves both the construction and rehabilitation of facilities regardless of size. Veidekke is a key player in the development and construction of hydropower plants in Norway. We have been for a long time, and will be for a long time to come.

Wind power

Veidekke has built several wind turbines in Scandinavia. We believe that early collaboration and involvement in a project is the basic recipe for a good result. This is how we work with wind power.

Early phase

In order to find optimal and cost-effective solutions, our participation in the early phase is key. We want to be part of a team with you as the customer to find the optimal infrastructure for the project's construction and operation phase.

Preliminary study

In this phase, we can assist with route selection for the transport route from the quay to the turbine location. The terrain model is obtained using drone or aircraft scanning, and processed with unique software for 3D modelling.

Detailed planning


Ground investigations and the adaptation of turbine locations for the choice of foundation solution, erection sites and roads. We take into account special restrictions such as cultural monuments and nature, and strive for good vertical and horizontal curvature for turbine transport (vehicle turning analysis)

Electrical works

Cable plans including substations, electrical and earthing surveys. Buildings: We prepare drawings for transformer and service buildings.


Veidekke is a multilocal organisation that can provide resources from all over the country. We have a strong focus on HSE in our projects. We have experienced crews who are familiar with the work operations and quality requirements. Our goal is to deliver finished projects on time, without injuries or quality defects. Throughout the project, regular meetings will be set up with you as a customer to facilitate an ongoing dialogue about challenges, progress, safety and finances.


After the project is completed, you as a customer will deal with the same people who have been involved throughout the project. Our main goal is to deliver a reliable facility to our customers.

Oil and gas facilities

Veidekke has built large concrete structures in the North Sea. These were at the time pioneering constructions, where new solutions helped to drive the development for safe operation in a very harsh climatic environment.

We have also been involved in the construction of the majority of the terminal facilities on land in Norway. Our ability to handle complex projects in an international project environment with an unwavering focus on safety has made us a preferred supplier for the oil and gas industry.

These projects have also taught us a culture of safety that has spread to the rest of the Veidekke culture.

Some oil and gas facilities we have built

  • The Troll Platform
  • The Ekofisk Protective Barrier
  • Kårstø
  • Mongstad
  • Sture
  • Kollsnes
  • Snow White

Industrial facilities

We supply everything from production offices and production facilities to stone crushing plants, smelters or transformer stations. Close cooperation and customer involvement is important for creating production facilities that satisfy individual needs for efficient production. Industrial projects also often require close collaboration with subcontractors to coordinate deliveries of production technical equipment, both in terms of planning and quality requirements.

Veidekke has extensive experience in carrying out complex project processes in order to meet the customer's expectations for quality and progress.

Examples of industrial facilities we build

  • Smelters
  • Logistics centres
  • Transformer substations
  • Crushing plants
  • Production premises