Roads, railways and bridges

We have a comprehensive civil engineering business where we build everything from motorways, railways, road tunnels, bridges, traffic interchanges, pedestrian and bicycle lanes.

Norwegian road by night. Photo.

Competence in complex infrastructure projects

Infrastructure projects, whether it be the redevelopment of motorways and railways and associated tunnels, bridges and traffic interchanges or the construction of new pedestrian and cycle paths, require expertise beyond the ordinary. We have both the experience and cutting-edge expertise required in the design and production of complex projects to carry out successful projects within budget, with a high focus on safety and the right function and quality.

Collaboration for successful projects

With involvement as a key word, we make an effort to find out what our customers and partners are asking for. This allows us to capture needs early on and see project-specific opportunities, but also that we usually manage to create a good dialogue with those to whom the project concerns. We therefore like to work in collaborative contracts, where personal contact and “open books” are the key to profitable and successful projects.

Machinery and methods

Our machinery is some of the country's most modern and meets the high environmental requirements currently set at both state and municipal levels. We are constantly working to develop new technical equipment and find new methods that streamline processes.