Commercial properties

We build and renovate commercial properties such as offices, business premises, warehouses, hotels and shopping centres throughout the country.

Zeb Flexilab. Photo.

Renovations and extensions

A large proportion of our construction projects are commercial premises. Regardless of whether we re-build, build new or renovate, we make an effort to find out what our customers and partners are asking for. Involvement and collaboration are key words in all projects.

Collaboration in projects

Regardless of which community property we build, our tenders are completely adapted to the specific situation. We offer pure construction contracts and turnkey contracts. This includes various business models and a more efficient working method that we call integrated project development.

Sustainable premises

At Veidekke we have extensive knowledge of building sustainably. In order to be able to choose what fits best in each specific project, we have the competence and experience to work according to different environmental certification systems, e.g.:

  • Green Building
  • LEED
  • Well