HSE Week

Veidekke has spent many years focusing on occupational health and safety (HSE) through a range of different measures, and our HSE Week is one of the most important.

Construction worker with nail gun. Scaffold. Photo

Exercises and learning during the Veidekke HSE Week

We have organised an annual HSE Week throughout the Group every year since 2011. This week has one joint programme, and all staff take part in scheduled activities. After more than a decade of HSE Weeks at Veidekke, everyone is well acquainted with the structure and format of the activities throughout the week.

We aim to spend HSE Week facilitating drills and learning for staff and partners.

Posters showing people wearing safety clothing. Photo.

Veidekke's HSE-week 2023.

The goal of HSE Week over the last few years has been to reinforce a culture in which we care about one another and speak out when we discover anything that could put lives and health at risk. Veidekke wants to make safety a collective responsibility, which means that we have a responsibility to look after everyone else around us, as well as ourselves.

Everyone makes mistakes, we interpret and experience risk in different ways, and what we deem acceptable varies greatly from person to person. Creating a culture where we look after one another reduces the chances of someone’s personal choices ultimately putting lives and health at risk.