Foundation works and groundworks

Veidekke provides all types of foundation works and groundworks all over the country. Early involvement allows us to find the best and most efficient solutions for your project.

Groundworks with machines and workers. Skyscrapers in the background. Photo.

Foundation works

We prefer to be involved early in the process, so that our consultants can uncover needs and identify the best and most flexible solutions as quickly as possible.

We have a modern and flexible fleet of machinery that enables us to take on all types of commissions in piling and foundation works.

Our strengths

  • Skilled and flexible employees with extensive experience in the industry
  • Modern machinery and equipment that complies with current safety and flexibility requirements
  • Large and flexible fleet solutions for any assignment at sea
  • Large sheet piling and steel inventory
  • Dedicated steel workshop for production of equipment


We are a countrywide groundworks contractor who provides all types of groundworks. We have a modern and diverse fleet of machinery, and depending on the scope of the project, we take on commissions all over the country.

Examples of commissions we carry out

  • Site development for residential sites, apartment buildings, commercial buildings and technical installations
  • Water and drainage facilities
  • Industrial sites
  • Airport and rail developments
  • Developments in connection with onshore oil and gas projects
  • General groundworks for other Veidekke units Contact us to find out how we best can meet your needs