Community properties

We build and renovate community properties such as schools, hospitals, sports halls and arenas.

Bjørneslette skole. Photo.

Renovations and extensions

A large proportion of our construction projects are public buildings.

This may be renovating, rebuilding and expanding a school building so that it becomes more efficient and can provide a good working environment for more students.

New construction

It can also mean building a completely new hospital from scratch to provide the conditions for the very best and most modern care. 

Collaboration in focus

Regardless of which community property we build, our tenders are completely adapted to the specific situation.

We offer pure construction contracts and turnkey contracts. This includes various business models and a more efficient working method that we call integrated project development.

Sustainable community properties

For us, it is important to use construction and material solutions that are sustainable in terms of both the environment and the surroundings.

In order that we do not tie ourselves down, we have the skills and experience to build according to various environmental certifications, with BREEAM, LEED, Green Building, being some examples.