We can handle all major environmental certification systems within building and construction. We can help you as a customer to find the solution that suits your project.

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We are used to working with various certification systems, such as BREEAM, CEEQUAL, Well, zero-emission buildings, passive house and FutureBuilt.


BREEAM-NOR is a Norwegian adaptation of the BRITISH environmental classification tool BREEAM, with the Green Building Alliance as the owner and certification authority. Veidekke has a significant number of authorised BREEAM-NOR–APs (Accredited Professionals) who assist in our BREEAM projects. BREEAM-NOR enables environmental classification and certification of new buildings within the building categories:

  • education
  • residential
  • retail
  • office and industry

Other building categories can be certified using a bespoke version of BREEAM-NOR.

Advantages of using BREEAM:
  • easily and intuitively highlight projects that have a higher environmental standard than the minimum requirements of the regulations
  • helps us to document the process and material selection for the client
  • best practices for quality assurance in connection with e.g. clean, dry building, moisture protection and commissioning
  • better quality assured processes reduce the likelihood of errors and complaints


CEEQUAL can be used to promote sustainability and quality in all types of construction projects, such as roads, railways, bridges, landscape architecture and parks. Like BREEAM, CEEQUAL uses evidence-based assessment criteria and external verification to produce a result that can be published and used to measure sustainability in a project.

Management system

Our management system is certified to the quality standard ISO 9001, the working environment standard ISO 45001 and the environmental standard ISO 14001. We are constantly working to develop our management system to create value for you as a customer.