The Veidekke HSE award

The Veidekke HSE award recognises systematic and scheduled efforts to make work safer, promote a good work environment and reduce injuries and absence. Emphasis is also placed on creativity and innovation in the assessment.

Man on construction site with helmet and visor. Photo.

Positive competition and experience exchange

The award will help to promote positive competition and encourage exchange of experience in HSE efforts. Projects, units or individuals can all be candidates.

The HSE award has been awarded since 1997, in connection with the Veidekke HSE Week.

Past winners of the Veidekke HSE award



Name of winner

Business area

2022 The Proton Center in Bergen Veidekke Anlegg, Norway
2021 Veidekke Bane Veidekke Infrastruktur, Norway
2020 Grande Entreprenør Veidekke Bygg, Norway
2019 Veidekke’s Swedish mining unit Veidekke Anläggning, Sweden
2018 Vallø Environmental Clean-up Project in Tønsberg Veidekke Anlegg, Norway
2017 E134 Damåsen-Tislegård near Kongsberg Veidekke Anlegg, Norway
2016 Prinsensgate 26, Oslo Veidekke Bygg, Norway
2015 Hellemyrhallen near Kristiansand Veidekke Bygg, Norway
2014 Marienfryd at Ensjø in Oslo Veidekke Bygg, Norway
2013 Sørlandssenteret, Veidekke Agder Veidekke Bygg, Norway
2011/12 Contractor M. Kristiseter Veidekke Bygg, Norway
2010 Mikael Lidstöm, Bygg Stockholm Veidekke Bygg, Sweden
2009 Gulskogen senter in Drammen Veidekke Bygg, Norway
2008 Veidekke Industri, Finnmark district Veidekke Industri, Norway
2007 CVU Øresund Hoffmann A/S, Denmark
2006 Kolo Veidekke, Central Norway Region Veidekke Industri, Norway
2005 Project Tjuvholmen Veidekke Bygg, Norway
2004 Skub School Development Project Hoffmann A/S, Denmark
2003 Special project, Concrete Department, Road/Rail Veidekke Anlegg, Norway
2002 The Grane project Veidekke Anlegg, Norway
2001 British High Comission, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania Veidekke Anlegg, Norway
2000 Åstveit Sykehjem Veidekke Bygg, Norway
1999 Kårstø Utbyggingsprosjekt Civil II Veidekke Anlegg, Norway
1998 Steering Committee for improvements in Region South Veidekke Bygg, Norway
1997 North Cape Tunnel Veidekke Anlegg, Norway